Students Sign Contract Agreeing to Not Text While Driving

During the beginning of lunch today, October 24, senior Brianna Ellington and Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson gave away t-shirts to students who signed a contract agreeing not to text while driving.

This program was started by Mountain View High School senior Jasmin Brockett, who was in the school’s leadership class. Brockett had to come up with an event related to texting and driving for an assignment. She contacted Brianna, who is a friend of hers, to see what she could do. They decided to hold a free t-shirt giveaway at LAHS, which Dawson approved. Ellington set up a table in the quad with the forms and shirts.

“We were trying to get seniors and juniors to sign a contract promising not to text and drive,” Ellington said.

Students did not need a drivers license or permit to sign the forms. In a short period of time, students signed all of the forms and took all of the t-shirts.