Spread the Valentine’s Day love

Flowers and chocolates are selling. Guys are planning on whom to ask. Girls are crossing their fingers. Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is for love to share.
As the butterflies build up and the day gets closer, people are asking questions. Most of those questions involve a boy, a girl, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and the phrase, “Will you be my valentine?” But there is another question that comes up during this season of love: “Should I dedicate this day to myself instead?”
Some people claim that Valentine’s Day should be a day to just focus on yourself, because that is who you are stuck with in the end. For some people this may be true, but for most it is not. Valentine’s Day’s main purpose is to spread love. When you hear the words “Valentine’s Day,” you imagine a couple of lovebirds or a boy on his knees asking a girl to be his valentine. So it would not make sense to dedicate the day that was meant for spreading love to yourself. You would not be spreading the love if you segregate yourself from others.
Valentine’s Day can be fun and sometimes a life-changing experience. Some people find that special someone on this day, and after all, everyone needs somebody sooner or later. People can’t go through life on their own. They will one day start looking for the one that will be with them for the rest of their life.
“For the first time, Valentine’s day has a greater meaning to me other than buying gifts for my close friends and letting them know I love them,” junior Jazmine Sanabria said. “Valentine’s Day brought me and the most amazing guy I know together. I have learned to love and really understand what love is.”
Valentine’s Day is a day many wait upon to find the one who will be their soul mates. Valentine’s Day should not be a day on which you focus on yourself. There are 364 other days in the year, all of which you can use to focus on yourself. Love is a wonderful blessing given to humans, but what good is it if it is not shared?
Valentine’s Day’s purpose should remain as it was created because even if you don’t want a serious relationship, a fun date with somebody special always makes days brighter. People should get out and meet new people or get to know someone better. Guys, choose the girl who drives you crazy, buy her some flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear, maybe even jewelry and ask her out. Girls, don’t make it harder on guys than it already is. Have fun and spread the love.