Sports Briefs

New coaches for basketball
Former JV basketball coach Bob McFarlane welcomed the joy of a child into his life this year, but in the process was forced to give up coaching basketball. With much going on in his life, he chose to resign this year.
Through a rigorous system of interviews, the school has selected two new coaches to lead the JV boys basketball team. The head coach will be Tom Maglisimi and the assistant coach will be Bill Wells.
According to Wells, the coaches are most looking forward to seeing “the improvement of each player, on the court and off, as we get them ready for varsity in a few years.”
The coaches have had extensive experience as basketball players and leaderhip experience as coaches of their sons’ basketball and baseball teams.

Powder puff league begins
Looking to duplicate the excitement and fun that comes every May around dodgeball season, ASB has decided to try a similar event first semester, called powder puff football.
Powder puff football involves teams of girls of any size, although only five players can be on the field at once. Boys will fill the role of cheerleaders for the girls in an ironic swap of roles on the football field.
Unlike dodgeball, however, each team must only be composed of players from a certain class, such as all seniors or all freshmen. Practices started Wednesday, November 5. Teams from each class will play each other in games at lunch starting this week. The winning team will eventually get a prize.

Girls JV soccer restaffs
With the season just about to begin, the school has hired a new head coach for the JV girls soccer team.
Although he has no relation to the Montoyas who leads the varsity girls soccer team, Carlos Montoya is looking for similar success on the JV girls team that the other Montoyas has had with varsity.
Currently a private skills coach and teaching children ages 2 to 16, Carlos is looking forward to taking on a greater challenge by coaching his first team. He is hoping for a successful season, but more importantly, the individual growth of each player.
“One of my favorite parts of soccer is seeing my hard work pay off by the players getting better.” Montoya said. “And hopefully I’ll be able to see that throughout the team this year.”