Sports Briefs

Football Begins Early This Year
This year the football team started practices earlier to better prepare for the next fall season. The main purpose for starting so soon is to avoid problematic situations, which, according to some of the players, it what the coach says caused a few of their losses last year.

“We are trying to get stronger so we can compete on a higher level next year,” junior Jason DeMayo said.

Right now, the team is practicing from 4-6 p.m. The workouts involve weight training, conditioning, sprints, laps, squats and lunges. All of this work is to create a steady, consistent program that will result in a strong team next fall.

Lyrics are Banned at Sporting Events
Recently, songs with lyrics have been banned from being played at sporting events due to the vulgar terms and phrases. According to Athletic Director Kim Cave, it was a league decision, not a rule created by the school. The commissioner of SCVAL is responsible for the change. Most athletes reacted negatively to this new rule.

“It makes me feel like they are restricting our freedom of having fun and playing the sport,” junior Derek Koehler said. “Music keeps us pumped up.”

Derek is not the only one disappointed about the ban. Other athletes feel that if there are songs with clean lyrics or even vulgar songs that are censored, they should be allowed to be played.

New Track Coach is in the Hall of Fame
The new jumping coach for the school track team, George Carty, was inducted into the hall of fame for his achievements at James Lick High School. Carty taught high school academics and track for over 30 years and was awarded for these accomplishments.

In 2007, he was accepted to his high school in Perth Amboy. Then, in 2008 the Ethnic African-American Hall of Fame inducted him, which is recognized around the world.

When he competed at San Jose State University, his events were high hurdles and relay.

“I had retired and just wanted to play golf and relax,” Carty said. “But after receiving a desperate call asking for a jumps coach, I agreed. I love coaching.”