Sports Briefs

Wrestling Room

The wrestling room has gotten a makeover for the beginning of the season and athletes are excited about the upgrade.

The old room had many problems, including holes in the wall. A new coat of paint and a refurbished floor has the wrestling team hoping that the changes allow other schools to know that, when it comes to wrestling, Los Altos High School is serious.

“It was really claustrophobic, you could barely breathe in there,” junior Sasha Golafshan said. “It was like a sauna.”

According to Sasha, the larger amount of space allows the wrestlers to stretch before and after matches, making the room a more relaxed environment.

“It’s bigger, so it will be easier to rest when you’re not competing and now we won’t be so crammed during the matches,” senior Enrique Calderon said.


Athletic Boosters

As Halloween nears, the Los Altos Athletic Boosters prepare for its largest fundraiser of the year. With the closing of the Grant Farm Pumpkin Patch, the Los Altos Pumpkin Patch has seen a major increase in sales.

The Los Altos Pumpkin Patch is run by the Los Altos Athletic Boosters, a group of parents that is focused on making the sport program as outstanding as possible for high school athletics.

This group of parents allows of 1,000 athletes and over 20 teams to run throughout the year. Team parents, along with other parents on the board, make sure that there is communication between coaches, Athletic Director Kim Cave and parents.

They hold three major fundraising events: the October Fest, Pumpkin Patch and the Golf Tournament with Mountain View High School


Ping Pong Club

The Ping Pong Club was created by juniors Aksai Bapa and Roger Hau.

“We were playing ping pong one day and decided that would be a good idea to start a club,” Aksai said.

The club is trying to officially move into the large gym; they have currently been playing games in the math hallways. While some students may look at the ping pong playing students in the hallway, the overall reaction has been surprisingly good, according to Roger.

“Some people have no idea what’s going on, but others think ‘wow this is pretty,’ and join in,” Roger said. “We’ve even had some teachers join in a game or two.”

According to Roger, there are five tables that the school has said that the club can use, if they are willing to tighten a few loose bolts and screws.