Sports Briefs

Eagle “Soars” On Gym Floor
The school’s large gym was sanded down, repainted and re-logoed over the summer. New lines have been painted, the floor surface has been lightened and a massive eagle was emblazoned on the center of the basketball court. According to Athletic Director Kim Cave, though gym is resurfaced once a year, it will not a have a renovation like this for at least another 10 years.

Girls Acquire New Team Room
Female athletes will be able to utilize a girls team room sometime this fall, according to Athletic Director Kim Cave. It will be an area where teams can meet before games and at halftime and watch game films. The room will be in the girls locker room and also connected to the large gym.

“We’re hoping [it will be finished] in time for basketball season,” Cave said.

New Facilities Built Near Track.
A new set of bathrooms and a trainer’s office were built over the summer near the track and opened mid-September. The bathrooms are for games and competitions only. Attached to the bathrooms is the new trainer’s office. It provides the new athletic trainer Jasmine Gittens with a clear view of all fields.

The complex cost $120,000 and was funded by the MVLA District.