Sports Briefs

Weight Room: Not Just For Teams
According to Athletic Director Kim Cave, the weight room, most commonly used by sports teams and their coaches, may also be used by individuals. All students may use the weight room as long as they are supervised by a coach or another staff member.

Because constant supervision is required, most students who use the weight room go in with their coaches and sports teams as a part of their practice. However, individuals may also use the weight room if they ask for permission from a coach that is in there.

Stewart Coaches Baseball For Rival

History teacher Gabriel Stewart, who coached JV baseball at Los Altos for 12 years, is instead coaching at Mountain View this year. Stewart decided to switch to coaching at Mountain View so that he could coach a varsity team.

According to Stewart, it would be nice to coach varsity at Los Altos, but that position has not been opened. The only thing that Stewart dislikes about coaching at Mountain View is the 15-minute drive rather than the two-minute walk out to the fields.

Although Stewart has been teaching and coaching at the school for years, he doesn’t feel that being a coach for the school’s rival affects his position at Los Altos.

“It’s totally independent of the other,” Stewart said. “I teach here, I’m always going to teach here. My coaching at Mountain View doesn’t affect my teaching and vice versa.”

Water Polo Senior Trains in Hungary
Senior Elliot Samuels made the decision to graduate early this year in order to play water polo in Eger, Hungary. Elliot found out about a club in Hungary through connections with other water polo players who have come to the United States to train with teams that he has been on. He plans to play water polo in college and feels that playing in Hungary will help him prepare for this.

“Eger has the best club team in the world, so the training will be the best I can get,” Elliot said.

Elliot plans to leave on February 15 and will be staying in Hungary until May 10. During his stay, he will live alone in an apartment close to the pool in which he will be practicing.