Soaring Eagles

Justin Koehler – Tennis
While the tennis season has only just started, freshman Just Koehler is already showing a lot of promise. Playing singles, Justin has already placed among the top four of the varsity team.

Justin started playing tennis in sixth grade after a friend taught him how to play, and soon started playing for his school and club teams.

“It seemed like a very difficult sport when I started playing, but then after a while a could beat a few people, and then it became a lot of fun,” Justin said.

Justin also regularly practices with friends and at the Stanford tennis club during the off-season.

Varsity coach Cuong Duong has high hopes for him.

“He’s always on time at practice and always has a good attitude,” Duong said. “Definitely going to be a top varsity player next year.”

Stacey Elder – Gymnastics
Senior Stacey Elder has been on the gymnastics team for four years, two of them on varsity. Her many events are beam, floor and vault.

“I love the intensity of [floor events] and how expressive it is,” Stacey aid. “I also love that it has music with it.”

Stacey first started doing gymnastics when she was 11 years old.

“It’s great to have started a sport when you were young and then have that pay off when you’re in high school,” Stacey said.

While the gymnastics team has lost a few members this year, it has gained many more than it has lost and, thanks to a varsity team that was mostly composed of students who are not seniors, gymnastics is looking forward to a successful season.