Spirit Week: Blue Crew Teams with ASB to Boost Spirit


Photo by Kunal Pandit.

For the past few days, the hallways and classrooms of Los Altos have been filled with matching pajamas, sports jerseys, popped collars and colorful displays of U.S.A pride for Spirit Week. This is Spirit Week’s second year at Los Altos, dedicated to inciting excitement and anticipation for the major rivalry games against Mountain View.

“We’re just trying to really bring up the school spirit early in the year to set the tone, especially for games against Mountain View,” Blue Crew Co-President senior Brendon Ng said. “We’ve been selling shirts, doing video announcements and brunch activities. We’ve been really trying to hype up both the volleyball team and the football team because they’re really big sports for the fall.”

Starting this year, Blue Crew and the Associated Student Body are partnering together to further promote school sporting games and events. The position of Blue Crew Commissioner was recently created within ASB so the two groups can efficiently work in conjunction with one another.

“Spirit Week’s always been an ASB thing, but this year with the new partnership between Blue Crew and ASB, we’re working closely together so we can really utilize each other to publicize events and raise the hype and enthusiasm overall.” Ng said.

The Mountain View-Los Altos football game is this Friday, 4:30 PM for Junior Varsity and 6:00 PM for Varsity. Before the game, Blue Crew will be hosting a tailgating barbecue at 4:30 PM.

“Students can come to the quad on Friday for hot dogs, hamburgers, Spikeball and Cornhole, as well as going out to the parking lot or in the turnaround to decorate their cars with streamers and do face paint.” Ng said. “Then, we’ll all caravan up to the game to get more of a community environment and bring up the spirit more.”