‘Spice’ Up Your Life With the Return of the “Girls”

“If you wanna be my lover/got to get with my friends.” These simple words could be heard singing at the top of every girl’s lungs when the Spice Girls were in their prime, and now with their comeback on its way, the question on everyone’s mind is what will the Spice Girls’ fanatics be singing now?

Many teenagers will not admit to the fact that every day they secretly still listen to the Spice Girls, but now with the upcoming tour, which sold 1 million tickets in the first 24 hours, the can finally come out of their shell.

And yes, the rumors are true: Posh, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Sporty Spice are back. The Spice Girls are planning to release a new CD, coming out soon, and a worldwide tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on December 2. Their new CD will consist of their greatest hits and some new songs. The tour, The Return of the Spice Girls, will be coming to some of America’s most popular cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and even San Jose in 2008.

“I’m really excited for their upcoming tour,” junior Genelle Barr said. “They’re definitely one of my favorite childhood memories.”

The group first signed together in 1995, and from then on, their career took off. Hits such as “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There,” “Spice Up Your Life,” and “Viva Forever” became instant classics. Their last three records sold a total of 52 million copies, and expectations are high with their new CD.

“I think it’s awesome they are such a legend that people still are in love,” junior Maddie Freeman said. “It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and almost everyone knows the words to ‘Wannabe.’”

Not only are the girls coming back with a tour, but also the documentary “Spice Girls: Give You Everything,” which will premiere on BBC. Melanie B (Scary Spice) is on the new season of Dancing with the Stars and has performed up to her potential.

Soon, the Spice Girls will release their new single in Britain and the United States, and they have been working non-stop on their upcoming tour.

Whether people have admitted it or not, the Spice Girls are back and ready to make an impact.