Spanish Teacher Takes Leave of Absence

Today, October 7, Spanish teacher Kim Hanley began a leave of absence which is expected to last at least the rest of the school year.

Hanley did not give a specific reason for her departure when she bid farewell to her students on Friday, October 4, only saying that she was leaving for personal reasons.

Hanley’s Spanish classes have currently been taken by Spanish teachers John Allen and Antonio Murillo. The school is currently looking for a new part time teacher to teach three of Murillo’s classes so that he will be available to teach Hanley’s classes. They will post information about the job online so that district staff and teachers outside the district are aware of the open position. This will allow the school to find a suitable teacher to teach Murillo’s Spanish classes which he is no longer able to teach.

Foreign Language Department Head Robyn Hughes said that the transition for Hanley’s classes to teachers Allen and Murillo should be easy because all of the Foreign Language classes have been aligned. As a result it should be simple for the new teachers to start teaching right where Hanley left off.

Allen and Murillo began teaching their new Spanish classes today, October 7.

Because it is a personnel matter, the administration was unable to comment on Hanley’s leave of absence.