Sophomores Create Magazine

Several students have formed a new club to make a literary magazine. The club was created after English teacher Ryan Ikeda read the stories his students turned in for first semester finals and felt that his students’ talent should be shared. Currently, all members are sophomores enrolled in World Literature Honors.
Though the club has had four meetings and is making plans for the magazine, ASB has yet to pass its charter, as there is already a school literary magazine, “Oris.”
Ikeda advises the club, and members meet every other Wednesday in room 504. The magazine will be titled “Graffiti.”
“Oris” was founded two years ago by seniors Katherine Robertson, Kristen Lee and Claire Bedard. “Oris” adviser Keren Robertson believes that “Oris” may be discontinued after the founders graduate, so if “Graffiti” is passed, it may serve as a replacement.
However, the members of “Graffiti” hope to make their product different from “Oris.”
“[‘Oris’] is a lot more photos and poems and stuff,” sophomore Erika Schonher said. “We want our magazine to be different … more of stories and editorials, opinions, position papers.”
“Graffiti” will incorporate submissions from other students, but club members are also thinking of having a section for members only.
The club does not know where funding will come from.
Although the club has not finalized its plans, members know what they want “Graffiti” to be.
“We’re focusing on trying to let other people share their talent,” sophomore Rachael Grate said. “It’s just a way to talk to other people, get ideas, just show what you have.”
Anyone who wants to submit to “Graffiti” can send an email to [email protected]