Sophomore William Jow Unhurt in Collision

It was a normal morning bike ride to school for sophomore William Jow until he collided with a car. William was biking to school down Almond road yesterday morning, heading towards San Antonio. As usual, traffic was backed up along the road. As he was beginning to cross over Avalon street, a black BMW driving in the opposite direction of William made a quick left turn, not seeing William. Although the driver slammed the breaks during the turn, it was too late.

“Unfortunately he was too close to give me time to break, and my bicycle’s front tire collided with the BMW’s front right tire,” William said. “The collision sent me over my handlebars onto his hood.”

William sustained some very mild blunt trauma to his thighs as they hit his handlebars. His head was flipped onto the hood but fortunately he was wearing a helmet which completely negated any pain to his head. He then rolled in front of the car onto the ground which scratched him up a little bit, but no more than an average fall. The driver was a man with his daughter as a passenger. They immediately got out and helped William up and brought him over to a nearby police officer.

“I wasn’t severely injured,” William said. 

The driver received a Right-of-Way Violation for not yielding to pedestrians, and William fortunately did not have to make a trip to the hospital.