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Sophomore Serena Gaylord & German Shepherd Border Collie mix Jenny

February 16, 2020

Jenny has a plethora. The list includes anything with the words Jenny, Puppy, Fluffy—Jenny-Puppy-Fluffy can be a nickname all in itself. There’s also Jenny-bo-benny, Jay-bo-bay, Just-jay, Jay-boo-boo, Jay-fluffy, Fluffy, Foosy, and Puppicus Jennicus. They’re all a combination of Jenny, cute, fluffy, plus an extra ‘y’ here and there.

How did you get Jenny?
Jenny is a rescue, and she grew up in a foster home with her sister. She got adopted by this family that didn’t really take care of her well, and she was named Scout at that time. She went back to the foster parent who named her Jenny, and eventually, we found her at the back of a Petco while looking for chicken food during their dog show offs. She was all the way in the back and we were like, “Oh my gosh. Look at this cute dog!” Jenny just sort of gravitated towards us.

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