Sophomore Class Council Host Car Wash Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 24, the sophomore class council hosted a car washing fundraiser at the 76 Gas Station on El Camino Avenue. The majority of the money raised will go towards funding the sophomore class prom. Previously, the sophomore class council has hosted bake sales, dances and popcorn sales.

In the five hour long car wash, approximately 30 cars participated in the fundraising. 30 bystanders were at the event, 1o of whom were a part of the sophomore class council.

”As freshmen, you learn how it all works,” sophomore Olivia Jain said. “As sophomores, you start doing more of the small things. But, this is our first major fundraiser.”

Student participants held up posters to advertise for the fundraiser. Overall, the event was considered successful.

“In the future, we will try to make a bigger effort in increasing participation on our part,” Olivia said. “That way, we’d be able to take on more.”