Solar Construction On Hold

On Friday, January 21, the Cupertino Construction, Inc. construction company took down the fences in the main parking lot, marking the end of the first phase of the solar panel construction.

The construction is to be completed in two phases. The first phase consisted of the the construction of the framework used to support the solar panels. The second phase, or the installation of the solar panels, is predicted to begin in March.

Assistant Principal Ralph Cave said the construction company has since moved to Mountain View High School, where the company is beginning the first stage in MVHS’s parking lots.

When the second phase begins, less of the parking lot will be sectioned off at a time. Unlike the first phase, in which a fourth of the parking lot was fenced in, segments spanning only a third to a half of a row will be worked on at a time during the second phase.

For permanent parking permit holders, dealing with the construction has been an easy experience.

However, the construction is posing inconveniences for some students, primarily juniors who bought temporary permits, in terms of parking.

Some of the construction equipment has been moved to the back area of the parking lot for storage, freeing most of the parking spaces. As a result, temporary parking permit holders will be allowed to park in the main parking lot until the second phase begins.