Softball Crushes Monta Vista 7-0

The varsity softball team played an amazing game against the Monta Vista Matadors today, April 4. The team was able to take a large lead early on in the second and third innings, securing the 7-0 win for the Eagles and maintaining their position as third in the league. The Eagles are now 5-2-0 in the league, trailing behind Wilcox with a 5-1-0 record and Homestead with a 6-0-0 record.

“We have been alright,” sophomore Kaitlyn Schiffhauer said. “It’s been difficult moving up to the upper division and we are focusing more on the improvement of the program because we have a very young team.”

The team moved up to the De Anza League after going undefeated in the El Camino League last year. In spite of this, the team has been doing well, maintaining their third place position in league by keeping a steady lead over the fourth team in the league, Los Gatos, which has a 3-3-0 record.

The Eagles also have a fairly young team, with only three seniors on the 14-player roster. To contrast, nearly half of the players on the team are underclassmen. The team hopes to work to improve their game before their next match on Saturday, April 6 against the Live Oak High School Acorns.

“We need to work on our sense of urgency for the most part,” Kaitlyn said. “We are very young and sometimes, even though everyone on the team wants to win, we have to play with that intensity and urgency.”