Softball Beats Gunn 3-0

The varsity girls softball team defeated Gunn 3-0 at home today, March 29, allowing only two hits throughout the entire game.

“Both pitchers–senior Ali Goldberg, our [pitcher], and junior Claire Klausner, their [Gunn’s pitcher]–have the same pitches and pitching strategy so it was essentially a pitching battle to see who could hit the other pitcher better,” junior Nikki Klepper said. “Gunn’s pitcher Claire Klausner was a crazy pitching machine averaging 16 strikeouts per game.”

Undeterred, the Eagles found a way to hit Claire’s rise balls after a few strikeouts.

“[Claire] struggled under the pressure so definitely it’s an advantage to unlocking the pitcher’s weaknesses and using it to the batter’s advantage,” Nikki said.

Freshman Kaitlyn Schiffhauer headed the Eagles’ offense, scoring two runs off of two hits. Other big offensive plays included a near home run by junior Tianna Vasquez, which resulted in a double. Sophomore Marialena Ahern also hit a double, allowing sophomore Jasmine Pedroza to score and seal the win.

“The whole game we were so loud and supportive,” Nikki said.

Gunn was close to scoring a run in the final inning to stay in the game, but junior Lexus Julien was able to make the out and close out the victory. Lexus is a new addition to the Los Altos lineup this year after transferring from Gunn.

At this point in the season, Los Altos and Gunn are both at the top of their division.

“Our hitting has been way more consistent in the past few seasons, and with key players who usually pull through, I’m sure we’ll get league or second,” Nikki said. “We just have to keep up strong defense and continue being aggressive at the plate and the rest will come to our advantage. If we keep this up, we’ve definitely got league title.”

The team will play Mountain View High School at home on Monday, April 2 at 4 p.m.