Soccer Defeats Mountain View 2-1

The varsity boys soccer team claimed a 2-1 victory at Mountain View High School (MVHS) today, January 9.  The game featured stellar play by the team down the stretch as it came back from an early 1-0 hole.

LAHS responded to an early MVHS goal by applying defensive pressure and taking aggressive shots on offense, which led to a goal later in the first half.

“We were down 1-0 in the first half hour of the game but managed to pull it together,” senior Ruben Hernandez said, “[We] tied it before the half.”

Even as the second half began, Los Altos continued to play strong defensively, stifling multiple offensive shots that MVHS. Los Altos tacked another goal and protected the lead as it closed out MVHS.

“In the second half it was just a matter of nesting the ball behind the net,” Ruben said. “We dominated the second half completely.”

Los Altos showed up big during the course of this game despite the obvious intensity in playing rival MVHS.

“This was one of our most intense games and was very physical but not to a point of dirty fouls,” sophomore Kunal Patel said. “We really played well and my goal to put us on top will be remembered as a sign that we are a good team and we can take this all the way to CCS.”

This game proved that the Eagles can win with perseverance and grit even in dire situations.

“We got down early by one goal but we picked up our possession and physicality after that,” senior Austin Anaya said.