Soaring Eagles

Jasmine Xu

Some freshmen enter the high school and participate in a sport with hardly any experience. That is not the case with freshman badminton player Jasmine Xu. She is already ranked fifth for doubles in the nation and has been playing for three or four years. She is a member of the United Badminton Club and plays year round. Jasmine practices about three or four times a week. Although she is an excellent athlete, she considers herself to be academically oriented.
“It’s more of a hobby,” Jasmine said. “I probably won’t play in college.”
Some of her fellow teammates on the badminton team feel she is a great addition to the team not only because she is good, but she makes it fun as well.
“It’s really fun to play with her because she is so good,” senior Miranda Chen-Hale said.
Jasmine does not just excel at badminton, but also in her academics and relationships with teammates as well.

Todd Grimm

Freshman Todd Grimm does not only excel in varsity track, but also has participated in Frosh-Soph football and varsity wrestling. On the football team he was a quarterback and linebacker.
This spring Todd has done just as well on the track team in sprinting and jumping events. His coach, Toure Carter, says he is a very likely candidate for MVP.
This is Todd’s third year competing in track.
“My brother was into track and I just wanted to get faster and prove myself,” Todd said.
Some personal records he has include 18 feet and 4 inches in the long jump, 37 feet and 11inches in the triple jump, and his time for the 300 hurdles is 45.6 seconds. He also participates in the four by one relay.
“I’m hoping by sophomore year I can make CCS,” Todd said.