Soaring Eagles

Junior Austin Bowie
Lynbrook 2.1 Miles

1st Place 10:30.9

Firebird Invitational 3.0 Miles


The Talon: How did it feel to get first at the Lynbrook meet?
Austin: At the half-mile mark was the first time I took the lead and that in itself made my stomach jump because you have the lead and you don’t want anyone else to take it. My lead was by about 50 yards and I knew 30 seconds before the end that it was really in the bag. It was relaxing.

T: What are your hopes for this season?
A: I would like to break 4:20 for the mile, and hopefully our coach’s mile time, 4:16 [which] has yet to be broken.

T: Ever feel so disappointed that you want to quit?
A: For me, at least, when I don’t accomplish that goal, it makes me want it even more. A lot of the times… I’ll run a best time. But I won’t reach exactly what I want. So it’s this cycle of always wanting a little bit more than you can do and it just keeps you moving.

Freshman Kacey Incerpi

Rank: Number one varsity girls singles

Record : 4-0 (2-0)

The Talon: How is playing number one on varsity as a freshman?
Kacey: I’ve won most of my matches. It’s really cool to be number one because not a lot of people get to do that. It’s good playing time and good experience.

T: How long have you played tennis? How often do you train?
K: I’ve been playing since I could walk, so like 2 or 3. I play at least six out of seven days a week.

T: Do you approach high school matches differently?
K: My confidence has risen a lot because I’m not a confident person when it comes to my tennis, but starting to play high school tennis, I started going for my shots a lot more. I found there was less pressure, and I thought there was going to be more pressure.