Soaring Eagles

Junior Helen Broering is one of the dancers on the dance team. However, she has only been dancing competitively for two years.
While other members of the dance team have been dancing since a young age, Helen was instead one of the best gymnasts in Germany. Starting at the age of four, gymnastics grew to become Helen’s life, eventually accumulating with her training with the German Olympic team at the age of 11.
“Gymnastics was super intense, everyday six hours of training,” said Helen. “It got [to be] really, really a lot.”
When she returned to America and came to the school, she decided to focus solely on dance and has come to love it even more than she loves gymastics.

New to the school this year, senior Tucker Arth is one of the key reasons that the boys varsity water polo team has able to exceed last year’s success.
Hoping to play for a better team, Tucker moved all the way from San Clemente High School in Southern California to be under the tutelage of head coach Ed Samuels, a close friend of Tucker’s father from college. So far, he is enjoying his time at the school and playing with his new teammates.
“I was definitely stoked to play on this team and be able to help contribute,” Tucker said.
Tucker started playing water polo at age five. As he got older, he made the Junior National Olympic team and even traveled to Serbia as a part of that team. Now, he is considered one of the best players in California.