Soaring Eagles

Scotty Bohrer – Track
Track season has started it this year with a bang, and junior Scotty Bohrer is showing his talents. Running the one-mile and two-mile events, Scotty enjoys taking on the longer events of a track meet.

Scotty started seriously running in eighth grade because he thought it would get him in shape for soccer, another sport that he enjoys.

“I really thought that running would just be a good way to get in shape for soccer season, but after I did it for a while, I realized that I was actually kind of good at it,” Scotty said.

He is quick to mention that he hasn’t won any of his races “yet” this year, but at their meet on March 8, he was “pretty darn close.”

Scotty practices regularly with the school track team after school, and in the fall he runs with the school’s cross country team as well.

Allegra Tringali – Swimming
Junior Allegra Tringalo has been on the varsity swim team for three years now. Her main events are the 500 freestyle and the 200 freestyle.

Although Allegra swims with her club (Los Altos Mountain View Aquatics Club), she attends all meets and tournaments for the school team.

“Swimming for me is just fun,” Allegra said. “I don’t really think of it as a competition, and because I started so young, it just comes naturally.”

Allegra first started swimming when she was seven years old.

“Knowing the strokes having your technique down before you get in to high school swimming helps you to get really fast once you get [to high school swimming],” Allegra said.

The girls swim team has a solid team this years and expects a solid season.