Soaring Eagles

Sean McLoughlin


Freshman Sean McLoughlin is one of two freshmen on the varsity boys soccer team.

Sean started playing soccer when he was three years old. Sean said his Irish heritage influenced him to play soccer, as soccer is a very popular sport in Ireland.

Besides playing for the school soccer team, Sean plays club soccer with the MVLA United, a Class I Division I team.

Sean said he likes soccer because it has a lot of “opportunities, shots and tricks during the game” as well as that he is “always moving.”

Sean plays forward on the soccer team. Ultimately, he has found playing for the school to be a rewarding experience.

“What I like about playing on varsity is that there are older players who are more experienced,” Sean said. “This helps me learn, plus gives me a challenge.”

Ideen Seyed


Freshman Ideen Seyed is one of the starting players for the girls varsity basketball team. She plays point guard and wing.

According to Head Coach Keith Mims, the girls varsity team has “not lost a game with all five [starting] players playing together.”

Ideen first began playing basketball two years ago.

“I played at home with my friends,” Ideen said. “I shoot hoops with [my neighbor] a lot. It was fun so I tried out.”

Besides playing basketball casually at home, Ideen played for a National Junior Basketball club team last year.

As the only freshman on the girls varsity basketball team, Ideen enjoys playing with older students in a competitive environment.

“They’re bigger and more mature, so it’s more serious than just goofing off,” Ideen said. “I actually have to try all the time and play the best I can.”

The girls varsity team is currently 6-2 for league games.