Soaring Eagles

Danny Auerbach — Baseball
Sophomore Danny Auerbach has been playing baseball at Los Altos for two years on the varsity team.

Danny first started when he was about four years old playing tee-ball in Little League and has played ever since. He now plays for the Palomino League and American Legion as well as the school team.

“I play baseball because I love the game,” Danny said. “I have grown up around the game my whole life, and it has really grown on me.”

Last year’s varsity baseball team went on to the final round of CCS and won the title, and Danny says that this year’s team hopes to accomplish similar goals.

“I think my goal for this year is to make it into the league championship at the end of the year,” Danny said.

Danny is looking forward to an exciting end of the season.

Nicole Dudley — Badminton
Senior Nicole Dudley has been playing badminton at the school for two years in the varsity girls doubles three position.

Nicole first started swinging her badminton racket last year. She made the decision not to go out for varsity soccer this year after a long season of varsity tennis. But that’s not the only reason.

“I also felt a connection to it, being a racquet sport, and I thought I could make it through relying on some tennis skills, plus I had some friends on the team,” she said.

The badminton team, sometimes overlooked by students at the school, is doing “really well” this year and they have won all but one of their matches.