Soaring Eagles

KK Sandlin – Water Polo

Sophomore Caitlin “KK” Sandlin is in her second year on both the girls water polo and swimming varsity teams.

Starting when she was nine years old, KK has become accustomed to the brutal practicing conditions that athletes must endure in order to play the sport. By going through years of grueling practices and plenty of game time experiences, KK hopes that her experience can help the team in the upcoming season.

Not wasting any time, KK has already made a major impact on the team’s season. In an overtime win against Campo High School, KK scored 3 goals and added 10 steals to lead the Eagles to defeat Campo by 1 goal.

Though the team lost some players from last season, KK believes that this season will have successes of its own.

“I’m pretty excited about the new players that we have,” KK said.


Tim Vanneman – Football

Varsity quarterback junior Tim Vanneman started playing football as a seventh grader at Egan Middle School.

When the junior varsity team was in need of a quarterback last year, Tim did not hesitate to volunteer himself. While he played as a tight end his freshman year, Tim quickly realized he was a natural quarterback.

“I still remember my first [touchdown] pass to Kelly Clark,” Tim said. “It was sophomore year against Evergreen. We ended up winning 8-0.”

While there may be doubts about the success of the season for the team, Tim is still optimistic.

“Even though it is more of a building year, I still think we’ll do all right,” Tim said.