Soaring Eagles

Serina Rye

Cross Country

Sophomore Serina Rye runs varsity cross-country and track, and last year as only a freshman she went to CCS for cross country. With a 2:22 time for the 800 meter, she was the fastest girl for the 800 meter, and she was the second fastest girl on varsity cross-country.

With the start of a new running season, Serina has a few goals for cross-country this year. She hopes to break 20 minutes for running 3 miles, having run times of around 20 and 21 minutes last year.

Cross-country and track coach Patti Sue Plumer has no doubt that Serina can make her goals.

“She is a natural runner,” Plumer said. “Without trying, she does all the little things right … A lot of things that are hard to coach—you either have

Roy Abousamra


Senior Roy Abousamra, wide receiver and defensive back of the school’s varsity football team, has been on varsity since his sophomore year. He has grown to become a key component and leader for the team.

“He’s got very good straightaway speed, which is really hard to come by,” varsity football coach Bill Waggoner said. “He’s a big kid, good size. And he knows how to make plays.”

For Roy, the best part of football is the competition and the “family aspect of the team.”

Now in his last year of high school, Roy is looking forward to playing football in college. The University of Redlands, BYU and CalPoly all have offered him scholarships for football, and “right now it’d be CalPoly because it’s in California.”

“Well we’re hoping he will be very big contributor offense and defense,” Waggoner said. “We expect him to score a lot of touchdowns for us.”