Soaring Eagles

Enrique Calderon – Wrestling
Junior Enrique Calderon started wrestling in seventh grade at Black Jr. High and has been competing ever since.

To Enrique, wrestling is not just an excuse to hurt people.

“You put in all the effort for one match, and when you win, it’s the greatest feeling,” Enrique said.

In a wrestling tournament at Granada High School, Enrique took out the number one seed. He lost in the quarterfinals, placing fourth overall.

According to wrestling coach Randy Jimenez, Enrique is expected to win league or place in the top two. He also has potential to make it into the state tournament.

“Enrique has outstanding leadership,” Jimenez said. “He also brings passion to the team, something younger wrestlers can emulate.”

Enrique is currently placed fifth in CCS.

Lauren Crum – Soccer
Senior Lauren Crum is one of four captains for the varsity girls soccer team.

Lauren has played defender for varsity soccer since sophomore year, but has been playing the sport since fourth grade.

“Not many players put points on the board; she has several,” Coach Erin Montoya said.

Lauren has contributed four goals so far this season and, according to Montoya, is a “solid player, one of the best” and a “great captain.”

Lauren enjoys being on the team as much as her coach enjoys having her.

“I love every part about the sport,” Lauren said. “The teammates and coach make it such a wonderful experience that you just keep wanting to come out year after year.”