Soaring Eagles

Alejandra Maldonaldo-Soccer
A key contributor to the school’s varsity girls soccer team, freshman keeper Alejandra Maldonaldo began playing soccer ever since she could remember. She did not start playing for a competitive club, however, until she was recruited in seventh grade. Having been a keeper for two years, she has found a love for the sport and for the position itself. She remembers her brother inspiring her to become a goalie.
“I used to go to my brother’s games always and see how well he saved the ball,” Alejandra said.
Chita, the nickname Alejandra earned for her reflexes and speed, is ready to continue her soccer career as a freshman soccer goalie.
“It’s kind of cool because I get to meet new people and know I’m good enough to play varsity out here,” Alejandra said.

Scott Yuan-basketball
Sophomore Scott Yuan found his stride in basketball as a child and began in fifth grade after joining a club league. After that, he made the NJB All-Net teams in sixth, seventh and eighth grade, honing his skills.
After getting injured in December of his freshman year, he did not get the full JV experience. This year, however, he has been bumped up to varsity as a center.
“There’s a change in the speed[in varsity],” Scott said. “You can’t really do anything by yourself; it requires working as a team.”
However, his addition to the team has given him a real opportunity to advance his basketball game. In the team’s first game against Palo Alto High School, Scott scored a buzzer three-pointer to tie the game, which LAHS won in overtime.
“There are unknown jumps, and you just have to be ready to step up when they come,” Scott said.