Soaring Eagle: Kelly Little


Photo by Michael Sieffert

Senior cheerleading co-captain Kelly Little has been cheerleading for five years and loves the sport more with every season. Throughout her time at Los Altos, cheerleading has allowed her to express her spirit for the school.

After seeing other friends compete in cheer, Kelly became interested in trying it out for herself. At the end of seventh grade and all throughout eighth grade, she competed with the Gold Star All-Star Cheering team.

“I liked the idea of cheerleading but I was definitely more interested in the school aspect [with] going to the football games and the basketball games and really getting involved in school spirit,” Kelly said. “I think cheer was a really good way for me to express that desire.”

Wanting to focus on the school aspect of the sport, Kelly remains an active participant of the school’s cheer program. With her experience, leadership within the team felt natural.

“I’ve always kind of tried to be a leader when necessary and kind of step back when I’m not needed as much,” Kelly said. “But I am a co-captain this year so that’s really a more official title.”

Along with leading her team throughout the season, Kelly has also been able to hone in on her teamwork skills.

“It’s hard to go to a practice and have even one person missing because then a stunt doesn’t go up and the formation looks off,” Kelly said. “So [I would say] understanding the value of each person in a routine. Working with each person and that sense of family and that sense of love. I definitely say teamwork is one of the biggest, [necessities] along with commitment and determination.”

The team also focuses on bonding events that help create a sense of family and community within the team. The team attends Cheer Moxie camp which is a four-day camp at UC Berkeley that focuses on basic skills, learning stunts, dances and cheers. The team stays in the dormitories at UC Berkeley and are able to gain a lot from the experience.

“We do a lot of bonding at camp,” Kelly said. “It’s always a great bonding experience just because we are stuck with each for three days, nonstop. Sleeping in the rooms together, you are cheering the entire time, so camp is a big one. We are all really grateful to be on the team and with each other. We are such a family and we’re all crazy. We are all brothers and sisters, we are really grateful for that.”