SIS Made Publicly Available January 9

On the morning of Thursday, January 9, the Student Information System (SIS) became publicly available for students. Unlike last year, this year the gradebook remained unavailable the day students returned to school.

From the beginning of finals through winter break, SIS was closed to prevent students from compulsively checking their finals grades and also to allow teachers to grade papers without student interruptions.

Many students and teachers were unsure when SIS would be open, considering most expected it to be available the day second semester started, January 8.

According to assistant principal Perla Pasallo, SIS availability was delayed for several reasons.

“Grades were due by 4 p.m. on Wednesday and teachers had until that time to submit their grades,” Pasallo said. “Some teachers were sick or not ready to submit grades, and we also had a stack of grade corrections that needed to be fixed. The system was supposed to be available after the provided deadline.”

Although transcripts were available after school on January 8, SIS gradebooks became fully accessible on January 9.