SIS Available Friday after Back to School Night

The school’s SIS (Student Information System) will be available to students starting Friday, August 30, the day after Back to School Night.

Students have been unable to access SIS’s gradebook and other information since the start of school because the district desires to align district students’ accessibility to their schools’ respective gradebook systems. Mountain View High School is currently switching to a gradebook system with different software, a process that won’t completed until the day after Back to School night.

“It’s [the gradebook system] the same company, it’s just a web-based platform as opposed to the server based system that we have now,” Assistant principal Galen Rosenberg said. “It’s taking them [Mountain View High School staff] a little while to get it all set up and figured out because it required some training. In order to be consistent with them, we’re waiting until after Back to School Night to get it [SIS] up.

Los Altos will be replacing the current SIS with the new platform next year.

“It requires some big training to implement it so we felt like given where we were timewise, there weren’t any big, pressing reasons to switch over right now,” Rosenberg said. “We’ll switch over next year.”