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Should the City fund police or social programs to decrease burglaries? How can the City ensure wildfire safety?

Weinberg believes that a stronger police presence doesn’t necessarily lead to less crime. He hopes that the police department can find effective ways to deal with homelessness, poverty and drug addiction. To ensure the safety of residents during wildfires, Weinberg also wants to make sure that the City has modern technology, like home security systems, to help promote safety.

Couture, along with other candidates, believes that many crimes are committed by nonresidents. Therefore, many social welfare programs would not have the intended effect, as they will not reach the individuals who are committing the crimes. When it comes to fire safety, Couture wants to ensure that elderly residents are taken care of and hopes that having a way to contact residents will be helpful in ensuring safety.

Meadows expressed a similar view to Couture saying that many crimes are committed by nonresidents. She believes new security technologies like smart cameras owned by residents can help deter and reduce crime. When it comes to fire safety, Meadows acknowledged the poor air quality that Los Altos often experiences and wants to incentivize individuals to install more solar panels.

Lee Eng believes that the current Council’s actions are sufficient to prevent crime and hopes that neighbors will continue to help neighbors. Lee Eng wants to ensure that the city has an exit plan in place in case of fires and wants to work with block action teams (BATs) to ensure safety.

Rubashevsky, having experienced a car break-in himself, believes that constructing more streetlights will deter car burglaries and wants to open a dialogue between police and the Council to move forward constructively. In regard to fire safety, Rubashevsky believes in incentivizing air filtration in homes, approving more battery backups and creating fire safe roads.

Kalkat wants to ensure that the City pursues a data-driven approach to crime and invests in multiple kinds of welfare programs, along with police programs. Kalkat is overall disappointed in the fire investments Los Altos has made in the past and would like to pursue a long-term vision plan for the City.

Spielman supports local crime watch and “reasonable” police spot checks. Spielman believes that Los Altos is not particularly affected by wildfires and would like to see Los Altos help neighboring cities. However, he would still like to create policies to preserve energy.


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