School Shifts Several Classes

Several classes are being shifted around this semester due to various teacher circumstances.

English teacher Lindsey Regoli will be on maternity leave and is not expected to return until next fall, though the door is open for an early return in April. UC Berkeley and Stanford Teaching Education Program graduate Marco Castaneda will be taking over her sophomore World Literature classes.

Also in the English Department, new teacher Ms. Miller has chosen to leave in the middle of the semester because of a promotion her husband was offered in Sacramento. Starting November 12, Robert Barker will be moving from Los Angeles and will be taking over Miller’s classes. Until Baker takes over, several of the English teachers have divided Miller’s classes among themselves.

Due to medical issues, history teacher Kelly Coble is exchanging her second and third period Modern European History AP (MEHAP) classes for World Studies classes. She is making lesson plans for her new World Studies periods one through four, which substitute teacher Henry Wood has been teaching for this past week. History teacher Todd Wangsness is teaching Coble’s second period MEHAP class, while history teacher Stephanie Downey is taking care of Coble’s third period MEHAP class. Definite arrangements are in the process of being made for the rest of the semester and year.

Spanish teacher Kim Hanley is leaving due to undisclosed reasons. Hanley’s five Spanish II classes will be taught by Antonio Murillo and John Allen. Murillo is taking over four of the classes, while Allen is teaching the fifth one. Greg Lucas, a new teacher from Oregon with credentials in Spanish and French, is taking over three of Murillo’s classes in order to let Murillo teach Hanley’s. When second semester begins, MVHS Spanish teacher Dayana Swank will be taking over Lucas’ classes.