Seniors win Powder Puff game, advance to finals

The Senior Class Powder Puff team defeated the Sophomore Class with a touchdown and a safety touchdown at lunch today, Tuesday, November 3.

The seniors took the lead early in the game with a touchdown by senior Katie Crum. Senior Kalyn Nakano followed up with a safety touchdown, putting the seniors in the lead with eight points.

The seniors maintained their lead throughout the game with a final game score of eight points to zero points.

The seniors will advance to play the juniors in the finals. The juniors beat the freshmen Monday, November 2.

The first half of the final game will be played at lunch next Thursday, November 12. The second half of the final game will be played during the half time of the varsity football game against Mountain View High.

The football game will begin around 2:45 on Friday, November 13, and the Powder Puff game will begin around 3:30.