Seniors Sell Candy to Raise Funds for Senior Prom

Yesterday, November 19, seniors began selling See’s Candy through order forms. Because of a discount offered by See’s Candy, the seniors are able to sell the chocolates from See’s Candy at the same exact price as the store.

In the past, the See’s Candy fundraiser was always a success. In previous years, the seniors attempted to include the other underclassmen, but the effort was unsuccessful.

“Last year the seniors tried to include the other classes, but the sales didn’t really increase, so we decided to focus on our class,” senior class president Alec Aaron said.

If the fundraiser is successful, the senior class will use the money to fund the prom at the end of the year or the transportation to prom.

“The money will probably go towards funding our prom decorations or the buses that we need to charter for grad night and the senior picnic,” Alec said.

As the seniors progress further into their final year at Los Altos High School, funds for the senior prom become more and more important. In the future, follow the Talon to see how much money the senior class earns.