Seniors Foresee No Problems With Prom

The 2008 prom will be on Saturday, May 17, at the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara. The theme is inspired by William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Tickets will be sold starting the first week of May. Prices have not been determined and will change depending on fundraising.


The Senior Class Council expects about 450 students to attend the dance, with room for guests from other schools as well as underclassmen. Unlike last year’s senior class, Senior Class President April Eaton is not worried about space for dancing, and plans to move tables to create more room, if necessary.

The Senior Class pays the entirety of prom costs, from the rental of the venue to essentials like napkins and utensils. An initial $2,500 of the total  $35,000 has been paid to the Decathlon Club so far. Some additional money is also needed for decorations and party favors.

The majority of this money will be paid through student-bought bids, but the Senior class Council is planning fundraisers to reduce the cost of bids.

According to April, the seniors have raised $6,000 toward the price for the club and predicts a big flow of money from some future fundraisers planned for February and March. A second senior breakfast will be held on Wednesday, February 13, and multiple other dinner night fundraisers have been planned.

According to Class Council, the decorating committee is planning to fully execute the theme.

“I’m really interested to see what they do with the club,” Rachael Wolber said. “Hopefully something that will make me feel appropriate when I’m dressed real girly.”

With Shakespeare in mind, they have designed a foliage-filled fantasyland, perfect to celebrate the end of a mystical journey through high school.

“The Decathlon Club is live a garden—you walk in and there’s are river and lots of lights and trees.” April said. “We really chose a theme that fits right in with the location—it’s going to be magical.”