Seniors Deserve to Choose Own Theme

Homecoming falls right next to prom and grad night when it comes to the most memorable moments of senior year. It’s a time for seniors to have fun, flaunt their spirit and create their last glorious memories before they say goodbye to their school for good. So why is it that when it comes to choosing the homecoming theme that will guide and define their final homecoming experience, the Senior Class has no say?

This year, as always have been the case, the homecoming theme was chose by ASB during its summer leadership retreat. According to ASB Vice President senior Jackie Radford, this system ought to remain in place.

“I think ASB should choose the theme because we plan the whole week and all of the activities associated with it,” Jackie said. “It makes sense [that] we choose the theme because we are the ones who spend a month panning out every day of the week.”

However, although most students seem relatively pleased with the choice ASB has made, many agree that having the ability to choose the homecoming theme would highlight the novelty of senior year and would allow seniors to get more involved in their class’s activities.

Senior David Wobber is one of many who strongly supports the idea of having the seniors choose the theme for their last homecoming.

“I definitely think that the seniors should be able to decide what the homecoming theme is,” David said. “They should have the Senior Class Council think up five different ideas and send scantrons out [to all seniors] and have a majority vote of what the theme should be.”

Allowing all seniors to vote for a homecoming theme would also serve as an excellent way to let every senior feel as if he or she is a part of the homecoming festivities. Though it is true that the Senior Class is represented by a group of 10 senior girls and 10 senior boys on Homecoming Court, it is only those select 20 who get to participate in skits and ride gloriously through the homecoming parade.

By giving the seniors their own choice of theme, the school would be promoting a sense of unity and participation that would span across the entire Senior Class. Even simply allowing the seniors to choose a winner from the top five themes that ASB brainstorms would allow them to feel much more important and included in the homecoming activities.

It is not hard to see that this year’s Senior Class could do with a boost in spirit and unity. Giving the class a common say in one of the school’s most remembered events of the year, ASB would allow the Senior Class to connect to each other on a common ground — an  accomplishment that is important not only for the Senior Class but for the underclassmen who look up to the seniors as role models as well.

In addition, this privilege would allow the Senior Class as a whole to make a final mark on the high school before they graduate, and venture out into the adult world. As David explains, senior year ought to be their final chance to shine at the school.

“The seniors should definitely have more say in what the themes of school dances and school festivals should be,” David said. “Basically, the seniors own the high school senior year and they should have it the way they want it.”