Senior Superlatives: Then and Now

Giovanni Jimenez: Most Likely to be a Counselor
Most people cannot pinpoint their futures as eighth graders and are even unable to do so as seniors in high school. However, senior Giovanni Jimenez has known his destiny as a counselor or a psychologist even before he was voted most likely to be one by his eighth grade peers.
“It has been relevant for all of my life,” Giovanni said. “People come to me to tell me anything.”
Giovanni finds himself giving advice and counseling his peers, friends and family on a daily basis.
“Everybody gets to know me,” Giovanni said. “They don’t just get to know me to be friends, but they realize that I’m not just a person to hang out with. They realize that I’m always there for them.”

The poll taken four years ago came as a surprise to Giovanni, who never expected to be recognized for his efforts by his classmates.
Giovanni stressed that he loves being the person that people seek in times of need.
“You meet all kinds of people,” Giovanni said. “The best part isn’t knowing a lot but just trying to help people, lend a hand; that’s the least I can do.”
Counseling still stands out to Giovanni, who plans on pursuing a career related to his passion of helping people. He hopes to study psychology and wants to become involved in teaching and education as an adult.
Giovanni hopes to use his love of counseling and helpful nature in whichever career he decides to pursue and will apply this skill to his future regardless of his career decision.
“I think that psychology does play a big role in [teaching as a career] and will be a big part of what I’m going to do in the future,” Giovanni said.

Nils Lennartson: Future Picasso
Senior Nils Lennartsson was voted most likely to become a “Future Picasso” in Egan Junior High’s Eighth Grade Polls.
“I wasn’t really that ambitious back in eighth grade,” Nils said. “I just kind of did it for fun, I never really thought I’d pursue [it] as a career. I think that it probably led me to follow [art] in high school. It gave me the confidence I needed.”
As many students took art in junior high, it took some of the selectivity away from being an artist taken seriously. The poll differentiated Nils from his art-taking classmates.
Now, four years later, Nils will include art in his life after high school.
“I’m in Studio Art AP this year,” Nils said. “I’ve taken Drawing I and Drawing II. I’m going to be an art major [in college].”
In addition to all the other changes he has made, Nils’ art work has reflected someone different, too.
“I’m going for more digital, New-Age stuff rather than Picasso the painter,” he said. “Even though that was what the poll was called.”