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Senior Katrina Arsky & Australian Labradoodle Kaya

February 12, 2020

Instagram: @kayameetsworld

Why did you make an Instagram account for Kaya?
She’s just a really cute dog, and she does really weird things all the time, like making random noises and sticking her face in random places. We wanted to document her journey as a dog and just bring other people joy with our hilarious posts of Kaya. It’s also a very nice break from the idea that you have to be perfect on Instagram with your personal account.

What are some things you do with her?
My family likes to travel a lot so we take her with us when we camp or rock climb. When we’re climbing she waits for us at the bottom and gets really nervous. She starts barking, and it’s really cute when she worries about us. She’s gotten really fit from all the hiking, so now she has these huge butt muscles. She also really loves playing in the snow and digging big snow caves. When we get home from our trips, she hibernates for three days to get her energy back.

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