Senior Creates Movie for Film Festival, Wins Award

A teenage boy races through the forest, closely followed by two armed, threatening men. By his side is a girl about his age, fear and confusion etched into her features. This is a scene from senior Shelby Pefley’s movie “Short Circuit”, which won the Best Technical Achievement award at the Film Festival last Tuesday, April 23.

Shelby is part of the Film Analysis class taught by English teacher Susana Herrera. Students in Film Analysis have the option to make their own film at the end of the year. Shelby’s “Short Circuit” is a thriller film that follows the adventures of a teenage boy named Jason who finds a time machine and attempts to go back in time to save his best friend. Shelby’s project was originally her senior project, but she then submitted it to the Film Festival, where it was well-received.

“It was nerve-wracking and so much fun all at the same time,” Shelby said. “My favorite part was definitely the Film Festival. The reaction from the crowd made all the work worth it.”

The process of making the film was not without its struggles, though. Shelby spent well over 100 hours on editing the movie alone, not counting the time spent planning and shooting the film. She said that one of her largest problems was getting everyone together to actually shoot scenes for the film.

Shelby’s idea for the plot of the film stemmed from how relationships sometimes spontaneously occur. Her idea of altering time came from her desire to turn her Gameboy into a time machine.

“My idea was to take the time element and make it a larger part of the romantic plot,” Shelby said.

“Short Circuit” has been uploaded to both Facebook and YouTube for any who wish to view it after the Film Festival. The link is