Senior Class “Uses” Used Books to Fundraise

The Senior Class of 2011 is currently hosting a used book drive over the month of September to raise funds for its prom.

The class plans on collecting used SAT, AP, SAT II and ACT books and reselling them on Tuesday, October 5 at College Admission Night.

“Jason Hu came up with this idea last year and we think it will work well,” said Senior Class President Libby Strichartz. “[The books] are something people need and we’re providing it at a low cost.”

The books can be donated in the library, College Career Center or the administration office, along with any other senior AP class. Donations will be accepted until the end of September. The resale prices will vary from book to book.

“We will sort the books prior to selling them,” Libby said. “Then we will price them based on how much they’ve been used.”

The class will continue asking for more donations throughout the month and will continue advertising the event until College Admission Night.