Senior Class Council Adds Nyan Cat to Senior Shirt

After unsatisfactory sales of senior shirts, the senior class council has decided to add the image of “Nyan Cat,” a popular internet meme of a cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, to one version of its shirts.

“We’re adding it because we had poor sales with the old senior shirts, so we decided that, in order to please the broader audience, we would add the Nyan Cat on it,” Senior Class President John Lee said.

Originally, the shirt was decorated with the letters “YOGASSO,” an acronym for “you only get a senior shirt once.” Now, the shirts will have both the acronym and Nyan Cat.

“We are using transfer paper,” Lee said. “We’re peeling prints off the transfer paper after we cut them out, and then we iron them onto the shirts so they won’t wash off.”

The student behind the Nyan Cat idea, senior Kyle Evans, created the shirt design in the summer when the senior class council was taking shirt design submissions.

“I wasn’t satisfied with the design and I wanted to come up with something better to represent our class,” Kyle said. “I photoshopped a design that said ‘YOGASSO’ and I threw in a Nyan Cat in there.”

Senior Glenda Vargas designed a shirt with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it, which the senior class has also been selling.