Senior Attends Princeton Symposium

Senior Ellie Robertson is one of the few high school seniors whom Princeton University accepted to its Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium. The symposium took place from Friday, September 28 to today, September 30.

“I wanted to go to the symposium because I’m really interested in history and music, and they offer really interesting seminars and workshops on things like film, writing, history, etc.,” Ellie said.

According to the Princeton website, the symposium consisted of seminars that “consider the philosophical issues raised when we ask what the arts are for” and workshops revolving around “the practical challenges and responsibilities when making art.” Freshmen from Princeton University hosted the students in their dorms and showed them around the campus.

The school administration and counselors chose Ellie to be school’s single candidate for the symposium, after the College Career Center notified seniors about the program so that they could contact their counselors if interested.

“I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in Princeton, anyone who is interested in arts and humanities, and anyone in general because it was a really good experience,” Ellie said.