Senior Asks Emma Watson to Homecoming Via Youtube Video

Senior Michael Johnson posted a video on Youtube yesterday, September 30, asking Emma Watson, actress of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, to the school’s homecoming dance. The dance will take place on Saturday, November 3.

“I think having been a Harry Potter fan all my life,” Michael said. “I naturally took an intrigue to the largest female role in the storyline. She’s always secretly been my girlfriend; she just hasn’t realized it yet.”

Michael hopes that the video will eventually reach Emma and “at least make her chuckle a little bit.” If it doesn’t make it to her, he hopes that “at least a few people get a laugh from it.”

“I pretend like I’m not really hoping to get a response from her, but deep deep down, I really do,” Michael said.

As of Monday, October 1st, the video has over 1,263 views.

“I don’t really know how to get the video to her unless someone she knows sees it,” Michael said. “I just want some more views, tweets and emails to be sent to her about this video to make her aware of it.”

If Emma did happen to accompany Michael to the homecoming dance, he feels like it would fit the “British Invasion” theme perfectly.

“Words cannot describe the absolutely exquisite feeling of excitement that I would have [if Emma came to the dance with me],” Michael said.