Secret Cheating Methods Exposed

Cheating takes forms from petty to radical. Cheat sheets, communication, answer keys and many more methods are sometimes utilized by students if they forget to study or want an edge. The more innovative are presented here.

Out of Control Bladder
Some students find the bathroom to be a fairly safe haven to cheat in while a test is in progress. Some teachers feel that if it is an emergency, the student may leave the room to relieve themselves. However, some students take this as a time to do a little studying. By hiding a reference sheet, the student may look up any information needed for a given test equation. Students have been reported to blame the frequent trips to the bathroom on a bladder control problem.

Photo of the Test
Today, students are often armed with clever little gadgets on their phones like a camera. With a convenient little spy tool, the student can take a picture of a test and forward the picture to all of his or her buddies. When a student has all of the questions in their hand, it is easy to work the problems ahead of time and memorize them for the date of the test. It can also be utilized as a clever money-making scheme for anyone desperate enough to buy it.

Cheat Sheet Inside of the Thigh
Some girls use their bodies as an advantage to get away with cheating. By writing answers on the inside of their thighs and wearing a mini skirt on the day of a test, they take advantage of a teacher in an almost cruel way. If a teacher finds the answer inside if their thighs, they have a nice little escape route on their cheating, simply by saying, “Why were you looking there?” putting the teacher in an equally awkward position. Genius, but at the same time, totally inappropriate.

The Rubberband
Though a rubberband around the wrist may be the newest fashion statement, they are also an easy-to-use cheating device. By stretching it out and writing information and allowing the rubberband to contract, all the information is hidden in scrunched lines along a hip rubberband.

DISCLAIMER: Cheating is definitely not tolerated in any academic setting, and the practice of any of these tactics is strictly forbidden by the school.
The Talon is not responsible for the use of any of these tactics.