Second Round of Dodgeball Raises the Bar

Competition was clearly in the air as the second round of dodgeball finished today, May 21. Only 16 teams remain, and the competition stepped up as teams battled to make it to the next round. The level of play has stepped up dramatically, making for a more lively game and a more lively crowd.

After sitting through a bye, the Avengers took the game to the Above Average Joes on Friday, beating them 2-0. Similarly, fan-favorite Syrup came out to triumph over the Goon Squad in a 3-0 game.

However, the competition was very close and heated. Team Chunk beat Panda Express by only one game, and IKEA won after an intense overtime. The crowded stands reflected the intensity, cheering and crying loudly for the teams on the courts.

There were three OT victories in total over the course of the second round; the Purple Cobraz, the Saturday School Cakke Eaters and IKEA were all able to make clutch OT outs in order to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

This round also proved that dodgeball is not for the faint of heart. Junior Mark Schreiber, part of Free Stop Sign, suffered some serious head trauma on Friday, May 18 after colliding with junior Miles Contreras in an attempt to grab the ball at the beginning of the game.

“It was brutal out there,” Miles said. “It felt like a warzone.”

Fortunately, Mark was fine after going to the doctor, and will be advancing to the round of 16 on Tuesday, following the second leg of the second round today.

Be sure to come out for dodgeball tomorrow at lunch, where teams will battle for a chance to play in the quarterfinals.