SCL Publishes “The Bathroom Break”


Photo by Francesca Fallow.

Over the past month, students have found a newsletter known as “The Bathroom Break” taped to the mirrors and the doors of bathroom stalls around Los Altos. These biweekly newsletters were created by the new Student Community Leaders (SCL) class as a way to increase awareness of events on campus and promote wellness.

“We thought it was a fun idea,” senior Rosa Lopez said. “Ms. Alvarado, [our advisor], thought it would be a good idea to have something to read while you’re in the bathroom and it came out to be a big success.”

“The Bathroom Break” contains several features geared towards student interest such as fun facts, memes and lists of upcoming events at school. Student wellness is also a major focus of SCL, and the class hopes to foster a student culture centered around well-being.

“We want students to not feel so stressed,” Rosa said. “Some people go to the bathroom just to get away from class. I feel like we’ve come up with something to help improve student wellness… and [“The Bathroom Break”] is our way to emphasize de-stressing.”

The newsletters are one of the new class’ many plans on increasing student involvement and promoting wellness across campus. Other future activities include “Friends-giving” Grams during Thanksgiving, thank you notes and giving breakfast to students who unable to eat breakfast before school.

“Instead of putting down people, [we can] put people up,” Rosa said. “Even though it’s our first year as a class, we’re trying to get more people involved with the school and trying to be more involved with events like homecoming.”

Students across campus that noticed the newsletters were entertained by the content and look forward to SCL’s next issue.

“I wasn’t expecting to see [“The Bathroom Break”] when I went to the bathroom,” senior Jessica Vera said. “I thought it was a pretty cool idea and enjoyed reading it.”