Science, Technology Week Deserves Same Respect as Writers Week

As Science and Technology Week nears at the high school, more and more students are wondering if they will be lucky enough to participate in its activities. While the school allows all students to attend, some teachers have decided that class time is more important then the opportunities the school is offering the student body.
The Science Department needs to treat Science and Tech Week as the English Department treats Writers Week. The English teachers make sure that they are bringing in writers that interest students. They show them that writing an essay on the book that they just read is important in the future and that each assignment they are given now will help them be a better writer later on in life.
Not all science teachers attempt to get involved with Science and Tech Week, some explaining that the students will simply learn more and have more productive class time if they are sitting in a chair taking notes.
Junior Angela Tang has never been to Science and Tech Week, because she hasn’t had a teacher that has given her the opportunity to go.
“I think there’s a lot of people at school who are just as into science as there are people who are into writing, and it’s a great way to get the students to see the types of careers associated with the sciences,” Angela said.
Teachers need to realize that the student body must take advantage of the various opportunities that we are given by having these professionals come to our school.
Students will be able to learn things that cannot easily be taught in the classroom; things that pertain to practical applications of what they’re learning. During this week, not only are professionals coming in to show the student body what they do for a living, but they are also presenting things that are extremely important and relevant to students’ lives and futures.
Science teachers need to realize that instead of narrowly focusing on the class textbook and class syllabus, that involving their students in a cool and integrative way of looking at science will help motivate them to do well in class.