Science and Technology Week Opens With a Bang

Monday, March 9, was the first day of Science and Tech Week, an event where a variety engineers and scientists give presentation to the students about their field of study.

The first presentation was on “Searching for the Real ET” which was presented by Dr. Seth Shostak, the Senior Astronomer for the SETI Institute. Students enjoyed three other presentations before lunch including 3D video game technology by NVidia CEO Jensen Huang, forensics by Jeremiah Garrido, a scientist from the Santa Clara crime lab, and Stanford professor’s presentation of aerodynamic physics.

The festivities continued through lunch in the quad with the robotics team bringing out a few of their projects, the auto class showcasing the cars they have been working on, and the Green Team leading a paper airplane throwing contest where students had a chance to win a prize for successfully landing an airplane in a recycling bin.

After lunch senior staff scientist and Stanford/SLAC Speaker Uwe Bergmann started off the presentations with a lecture about SLAC’s research using X-rays and analyzing Archimedes text. The final speaker of the day was Jonathan Trent of NASA Ames who gave a talk on bioengineering.

Tuesday, March 10, will bring several more speakers. On Wednesday, March 11, the school will host Science and Technology Week’s primary speaker, Facebook Engineering Manager Dave Fetterman. Friday, March 13, will focus on medical sciences including health care, biology, chemistry and genetics. Time slots for Friday are tentative:

• Period 1: Dr. Rick Lanman: Using molecular cytology to improve the early diagnosis and staging of cancer.
• Period 2: Dr. Myriam Curet, Stanford professor and surgeon, works with DaVinci surgical system using robotic platform, for minimally invasive procedures
• Period 3: Renee Reijo Pera, Director for Stanford’s Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell research
• Period 4: Beverly Kane, Stanford Professor of Medicine; “Medicine and Horsemanship – Communicating with Patients” Over the noon hour, Dr. Kane will demonstrate her techniques using a live horse at the side of the quad
• Noon / Lunch Period: – the fun continues on the Quad. Dr. Kane will demonstrate her techniques with a horse near the Quad. Room to show more healthcare / technology exhibits, demonstrations.
• Period 5: Josh Sickel, Pathologist – “Humor and Medicine”.
• Period 6:
• Period 7: Healthcare Careers – Panel: Patty Einarson, Family Practice; Hector Medina (Ob/Gyn), Jeremy Chan (Physical Therapist), Charissa Spielman, dietician; Blanca Mendoza, medical technician; Vivien D’Andrea, moderator